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Hi my name is Jo Campbell and I’m the Dunedin Active Mums Trainer/Operator.

I have dedicated my life to developing skills and experience in the area of Movement and Health and Fitness. I have a degree in Physical Education, a Diploma of Teaching – Secondary and I am a CHEK Exercise Coach. I have been running Active Mums classes in Dunedin for the past 3 years.

Being the Head Trainer for the Dunedin area has been hugely rewarding! I’ve always enjoyed working in the Fitness Industry but I had not anticipated how much I would enjoy meeting and being inspired by all the amazing mums who have participated in my classes. This has truly been a blessing and I truly believe in the power and place of workouts for women! I have met babies and watched them grow this has been something I will value especially when I see them again in time; they grow so fast and change so much in the early years!

Becoming a new mum is a huge transition and it is so important to have services that nurture the bond between mother and baby and also allows mums to network and support each other in positive ways. Active Mums has been a place of like minds and sharing inspiration.
Prior to having children of my own and my role with Active Mums I worked as a Secondary level Health and Physical Teacher. I was a Teacher, Dean of year 9 & 10 Students and Head of Adult and Community Education. My kids are now 5 and 7 years old. I don’t know where the time goes?

This year, (2017), has seen me take up part time work back in the Class Room. I am still very much involved in the day to day running of Active Mums. I do not run all the classes as I have done in the past, but I support a small team of dedicated mums who are also passionate about women and fitness. Read more about the Dunedin Active Mums trainers in our regional news section.

The female body is unique and there is a saying that goes “it takes one to know one”. It is important that a woman’s physical body is understood by those who write exercise programmes for it. In addition to this it is equally important that modern women’s lifestyles are understood so that they can enjoy a balance of commitment to others and commitment to self.
I am passionate about helping women have success in their quest for achieving greater levels of health and vitality. I have 10 years experience working in the Fitness Industry working. I have also taught Health and Physical Education at Secondary School level both in New Zealand and in the UK. I am very interested in understanding health from a holistic perspective and strive to educate my clients from this paradigm. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals!


Bring your kids with you to all sessions the place is set up for kids to play around us while we workout.


No classes scheduled

Active Mums to Be - 45 minute class for mums to be specialising in functional movement patterns for pregnancy and beyond.

Mums in Motion - an 8 week course that focuses on re-establishing core and pelvic strength and function.

Groups in Action Intermediate/Advanced - Exercise in small groups, mums and babies. Advanced postnatal fitness sessions including outdoor, buggy and mums friendly circuits.

Air Fitness Classes - Description here

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Jo Campbell
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