Post natal Exercise Classes – “Mums in Action”

Once the mums have regained their foundation strength through the ‘Mums in Motion’ Course, the natural progression is to join one of our ‘Mums in Action’ programmes.

These post natal exercise classes are slightly more intense workouts involving buggy friendly outdoor circuits as well as using the gym.  The type of workout will depend on location.

Joining ‘Mums in Action’ you can:
• Challenge yourself with more cardiovascular exercise
• Workout by using various methods of training e.g.. circuit training
• Participate in outdoor exercise activities and take your baby with you
• Continue to shape, sculpt and create a healthy body
• Continue to build relationships with the other mums and their babies

Times and day’s on when this programme is offered varies between regions.
Contact a trainer in your area if you are interested in this programme.

From the Mothers Mouth:

“Mums in Action has given me my body back following my pregnancy and caesarean. It gave me the confidence to exercise my abdominal muscles again and the fellow mums in my weekly group give me the motivation and encouragement to keep working out. My only complaint is that the new trousers I bought three months ago no longer fit – they’re too big! Thanks Anna!”
(Julie – Richmond Mum)

“I have found Mums in Action very challenging pushing me to limits I did not know I had…. I always leave the session with a spring in my step and feeling proud of myself.”
(Jacqui and baby Ashlee)

“Mums in Action was the perfect way to tone up, get fit and exercise in a non threatening baby friendly environment….. I would happily recommend these classes if people were wanting to feel good about getting back in shape, still wanting to be near their baby and to exercise with others who are in the same situation.”
(Rebecca and baby Rosie)

Be a role model, Not a Super model.