Post natal Exercise Classes – “Mums in Motion”

How come it is so difficult to exercise after becoming a new mum? Specialised Postnatal Exercise is the best way to go.

Are you...
• Lacking Motivation?
• Feeling tired?
• Worried about interfering with your breast milk?
• Lacking support?
• Concerned about leaving your baby in a creche

You Are Not Alone!

Mums in Motion is a Postnatal Exercise Class that runs over 8 weeks meeting once or twice a week.
Sessions use light resistance, swissballs and resistance bands. The programme is suitable for mums of all fitness levels and experience and the focus is on regaining core stability and strength to ensure a safe approach back to full fitness.
Mums in Motion classes ensure a safe environment for mums to workout alongside their babies. Support and motivation is provided by our qualified trainers and you will receive your own post-natal exercise book to record your journey.

Contact a trainer in your area to find out when the next Mums in Motion course starts.

Postnatal exercise can be hard for some but we ease you into it with this program so don't be afraid everyone has to start somewhere, its doesn't matter how old your baby is.

Times and day’s on when this programme is offered varies between regions and places do fill up fast.
Your 8 week programme includes a Workbook and Baby Blanket.

Contact a trainer in your area if you are interested in this programme.

From the Mothers Mouth:

“I loved going to the classes, especially to motivate myself. It was great to come out of the class and ‘feel’ that I had worked my body. l loved having the opportunity to use the swiss ball at home”

“Excellent, motivating course that gave results in a happy, supportive environment to share with your baby”

“Fun and enlightening….. learnt that it is quality not quantity to get results”

One of the Active Mums philosophies is that once you start, you keep going... ‘Groups in Action‘

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