Frozen Berry Yoghurt Bars – Healthy Family Recipe

Try this Healthy Family Recipe, its great for the whole family when a sweet treat is required.


• 1 cup Macadamia Nuts
• 1 cup coconut flakes
• 1 cup almonds
• 1tbsp Honey
• 1tsp sugar free chai spice

• 2 cups natural yoghurt
• 1tbsp honey
• 1tsp vanilla extract

• 1 cup berries (if using frozen defrost first)
• 2tbsp natural yoghurt or your choice


Blend the nuts and coconut flakes together in a food processor until fine. Add the honey and the chai spice and blend till incorporated. Spread evenly over the bottom of a lined loaf tin and set in the freezer for approx 30mins

mix all ingredients in a bowl. Pour over the hardened base and place back in the freezer for around 1hr before adding the topping.

Blend ingredients in food processor until smooth. pour over the yoghurt filling in the loaf tim and place back in the freezer. Slice and serve once frozen through.