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Mums in Motion and Groups in Action Sessions in Alexandra and surrounding areas

Welcome to 2018 and Active Mums in Central Otago. We are excited with what this year is going to bring and look forward to helping mums all over Central Otago get fit and healthy.
We currently run a number of Active Mums Classes at Pulse Fitness in Alexandra.
Starting 20th Feb on Tuesday's at 11.15am we are running a Mums in Motion Post-natal Shape up course. Starting on 22nd Feb 2018 on Thursday's at 11.15am is our Active Mums and Bubs (or Groups in Action ) circuit style session.
Toddlers/babies are welcome to come along.

If you want to join an Active Mums programme or have a group of like minded mum's that are keen to exercise with their babies - please contact Camille 0211085583 and we can organise a group to start at a time that suits you!


Did You Know?

After a cup of coffee, the blood flow to the brain decreases by 40%. The coffee headaches you experience when detoxing are actually from your brain not being used to the extra blood flow!

Monthly Motivator

"Ships are safe in the harbour… but that’s not what ships are built for"

Venture out and try a new activity to challenge yourself. Join a social (or competitive… if you’re up to that) sports team, learn something new like dancing, restorative yoga, tai chi, to supplement your Active Mums Training.

This will give you a fresh perspective on what you are capable of doing. Choose one thing that will challenge you this month!