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We welcome two new Active Mums' Trainers to the Dunedin Area for 2017

Two New Trainers join our Dunedin based Active Mums Team

Hi! I’m Jaimee, Active Mums Dunedin, Mosgiel based trainer.
I am mum to 14 month old Piper and live on the Taieri with my partner. I have been part of the fitness industry for 17 years, initially as a full time Aerobic Instructor, Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer then on a casual basis as an aerobic instructor for several gyms around Dunedin and Mosgiel whilst in the New Zealand Police.

I am now embarking on a new chapter in my life and leaving my 15 year long Policing Career to spend more time with my family, study to become a Helicopter Pilot and run the Active Mums and Pilates in the near future at the Olympic Gym in Mosgiel.

I am excited to be part of Active Mums and of being part of your health and fitness journey. I look forward to meeting you and your little people soon!!

Regards Jamie

Hi my name is Caren Van,
I'm a mum of 2 who loves keeping active and helping others achieve their fitness goals.
After obtaining a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Certificate IV in Fitness over 10 years ago I have worked in the fitness industry and the primary health care sector, coached hockey, led a half marathon run clinic and travelled the world.
I joined the Active Mums family when pregnant, taking part in the pregnancy exercise class and have not looked back.
I love the supportive environment and being around such an inspiring group of mums and I am excited to be part of the instructing team in 2017.



Term 1 = “New You” Challenge 2017

Aim/Focus: Setting new goals for a healthier you!
Cardio Workout: HIIT AMRAP/WOD style workouts.
Toning Workout: Low Intensity AMRAP/WOD style reps.
Emailed Home Workouts: Quick accessible HIIT style workouts.
Built in Motivation = Individual Challenge
• Reward for “Most improved fitness”
• Points awarded for weekly workouts
• Before and after Fitness Testing
Term 2 = “Commit to be Fit” Challenge

Aim/Focus: Staying committed to fitness goals!
Cardio Workout: High Intensity circuit training
Toning Workout: Low Intensity strength circuits
Emailed Home Workouts: Interval training Running Motivation
Built in Motivation = Team Challenge “Bluff to Kaitaia”
• Top team in challenge rewarded for traveling the furthest
• Bonuses awarded for providing team motivation
• Before and after Fitness Testing

Term 3 = “Spring into Action” Challenge

Aim/Focus: Pushing through winter with a new outlook change!
Cardio Workout: HIIT AMRAP/WOD style workouts.
Toning Workout: Low Intensity AMRAP/WOD style reps.
Emailed Home Workouts: Jump into June Skipping Challenge
Built in Motivation = Individual Challenge
• Reward for “Most improved fitness”
• Points awarded for weekly workouts
• Before and after Fitness Testing
Term 4 = Booty Boot camp

Aim/Focus: Toning Buns, Abs & Thighs!
Cardio Workout: High intensity circuits that target glutes & thighs.
Toning Workout: Low Intensity circuits that target glutes & abs.
Emailed Home Workouts: Youtube based abdominal and glute training vids.
Built in Motivation = Team Challenge
• 30 day Squat Challenge
• Team “Nutbush” effort (all will be revealed)
• Best team photos (all will be revealed)

What can you expect from Active Mums classes:

Active Mums provides unique workout opportunities for mums to come to an inclusive and supportive environment and bring their babies and kids! Mums at any stage of their fitness journey can get involved. Active Mums has catered to mums with babies and children ranging from newborn, to much older children including school aged children. Active Mums strives to create a supportive environment to all mums and their babies and kids. Parenting children is a special time in our lives and Active Mums makes it possible for mums to bring their children to workouts without needing to arrange extra childcare. Your children are always within arms reach and they can be incorporated in workouts and learn from role modeling how to live an active life.

Active Mums strives to build a social network amongst mums also so valuing the collaborative nature of women and the need to nurture and network. Active Mums classes are a great “stepping stone” to fitness. When your children are little this is a great time to take a break from your usual fitness provider and try something different. There is no time frame for being involved; as long as you enjoy the workouts and are happy in your fitness then Active Mums can work for you!

Class Structure:
5 min warm up
20Minutes HIIT cardio
20 Minutes Strength/Toning
5 min cool down

Built in Extras:
• Weekly text message motivation
• Emailed home based workout
• Social events
• Committed and understanding trainers
• Accessible, non-judgmental workout environment
• Scalable workouts – each workout and most exercises can be modifies to meet individual fitness levels and also injury status
• Low budget family friendly programme
• Classes are scheduled to run during the school terms with breaks during the school holidays
• Workout games, boxing and novelty team and pair challenges are used to keep things social and fun

Health & Happiness

Did You Know?

After a cup of coffee, the blood flow to the brain decreases by 40%. The coffee headaches you experience when detoxing are actually from your brain not being used to the extra blood flow!

Monthly Motivator

"Ships are safe in the harbour… but that’s not what ships are built for"

Venture out and try a new activity to challenge yourself. Join a social (or competitive… if you’re up to that) sports team, learn something new like dancing, restorative yoga, tai chi, to supplement your Active Mums Training.

This will give you a fresh perspective on what you are capable of doing. Choose one thing that will challenge you this month!