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A bit of news from Wellington and the Hutt

Classes are in full swing as of Waitangi day and it has been great to see all you mummas and your babies again as well as so many new ones starting.
This term I will be rewarding attendance, among other things. I am going to offer prizes at the end of term one. I will have several awards to give out

Person who attends the most sessions for the term
Person who attends the largest percentage of their chosen sessions for the term, hopefully we get a few hitting 100%.
Person who I think is most likely to reach their goals.

This idea came to me in a flash when I realised how much easier it is to go for a run when you have a purpose or a motivation and sometimes the motivation helps if it is external.
Let us face it - life is all about balance.!! I do not encourage over indulgence but I do promote fun!

Let's make 2017 the one where we turn corners.

Sherylene x

P.S. Introduce a friend to qualify for $10 off your next terms fees!

TERM DATES - Next term runs from 3rd February - 13th April and is ten weeks.

One class per week is $150
Two classes per week $280
Three OR MORE classes per week $360

If you have not started with the beginning of the term (last week) then email me about adjusted fee.

TIMETABLE for Wellington/Hutt Valley:
6am Bootcamp - Khandallah
9.30am SPINATA

9.30am GIA (Groups in Action) Hi Intensity
10.30am MIM (Mums in Motion)

6am Bootcamp - Khandallah
9.30am SPINATA
10.30am MIM
7.30pm AMTB (Active Mums to Be)

10.30am GIA

6am Bootcamp - Khandallah
9.30am GIA (Hutt Valley)
10.30am MIM (Hutt Valley)

8.30am GIA

Description of Classes:
SPINATA – Stationary cycling 25 minutes followed by around 20 minutes of Tabata ( a high intensity interval training regime, this also allows anyone who prefers to stay on the bike for 45 minutes to do so. Core exercises to finish. Babies welcome in strollers (for safety) or I do have a playpen too, or some put babies in a back pack (now that adds to a great workout!!)
GIA – Groups in Action is group personal training, catering to individual needs as much as possible.
MIM – Mums in Motion, eight week postnatal course – concentrating on those areas that need it.
AMTB – Active Mums-to-be, safe and fun classes for pregnant woman.

Did You Know?

After a cup of coffee, the blood flow to the brain decreases by 40%. The coffee headaches you experience when detoxing are actually from your brain not being used to the extra blood flow!

Monthly Motivator

"Ships are safe in the harbour… but that’s not what ships are built for"

Venture out and try a new activity to challenge yourself. Join a social (or competitive… if you’re up to that) sports team, learn something new like dancing, restorative yoga, tai chi, to supplement your Active Mums Training.

This will give you a fresh perspective on what you are capable of doing. Choose one thing that will challenge you this month!